Partners in Ministry in Liberia


Our Mission Through Education in Liberia:

· Restoring Hope

· Building Lives

· Enabling Dreams

· Rebuilding a Nation


A ministry of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church


 30 East College Avenue 

Westerville, Ohio 43081

About Us

Who Are We?


Partners-In-Ministry-In-Liberia, or PIMIL an acronym known by many, was officially established in 2005 at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Westerville, Ohio. But the seeds were planted much earlier, about 1998. This is when parish member, The Rev. Abeoseh (Abby) Flemister, answered God’s call to return to her native country and minister to the people. She did so with the blessings of her husband, Clifton and their 3 sons. The family had moved back to the U.S., Clifton’s native home, to escape the increasingly difficult conditions during the civil war. That war lasted 14 long years (1989-2003). Mother Abby faithfully served The Episcopal Church of Liberia from 1997 to 2004 when she retired from “active” ministry. It was through her ministry, and the efforts of her family here in Ohio, that the plight of the Liberian people, most especially the children, became known to their parish family. During her visits home she would speak of the need to help the children to return to school. The desperately poor economic conditions left by the civil war has, and continues to prevent the most disadvantage children to begin or continue their educational needs.

Ties to Liberia


The country’s historical ties with the U.S. began in 1822 when freed slaves from this country were repatriated to the place in Africa, today called Liberia (“Liberty”). Liberia became an independent country in 1847. While many freed slaves were Christians, the ties with the Episcopal Church began in 1936, when missionaries were sent to Liberia. That bond of unity between the two countries has been maintained to the present time. 

And now, through the ministry of PIMIL, bonds of unity between individuals, parishes & organizations within the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and beyond, have grown stronger. 

Now & Going Forward…

PIMIL continues to seek ways to reach out to the people of Liberia by assisting their children to gain an education. Scholarship assistance is awarded irrespective of ethnicity, religion or gender. PIMIL proudly graduated it’s first Muslim student with a degree in nursing in June of 2012, with a total of three degreed students! While we have grown from helping just a few children to 80 currently, our goal is to award 100 children with scholarshio assistance! 

As our name implies, “partners in ministry” opens the opportunity for YOU to join us in reaching that goal!

Sponsor a Student


Kindergarten—Primary Students

(K—3rd Grades)

$100—Semester or $200—Year


Elementary Students

(4th—6th Grades)

$125—Semester or $250—Year

Junior High Students

(7th—9th Grades)

$150—Semester or $300—Year

Senior High Students 

(10th—12th Grades)

$175—Semester or $350—Year

Junior College

$225—Semester or $450—Year

Vocational Training (Computer Skills)

$175—Semester or $350—Year

Higher Education (Nursing Career)

$800—Semester or $1600—Year


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