PIMIL is organized through St. Matthew’s vestry and operates under the parish’s tax exempt code: 501c3. It is supported by voluntary donations and by annual fundraising. There is only one paid position: the bookkeeper’s. Tax statements are sent to donors in January.

The PIMIL Council is the governing board of PIMIL, composing of a nine members from area congregations. The PIMIL Council has oversight of the activities of PIMIL and meets nine months of the year. The membership includes:

  • The Chair
  • The Priest-in-Charge – Ex-officio
  • The Note taker
  • The Treasurers
  • The Book keeper
  • The Director
  • The Members

The PIMIL Council has an Operations Manuel that guides the PIMIL Council in its activities.

The PIMIL Council submits a report at St. Matthew’s Annual Parish Meeting and to the members.

Tuition is transmitted two times during the school year: in August at the start of the first semester and in February at the start of the second semester. The funds are wire transmitted to the financial department of the Diocesan office of the Episcopal Church of Liberia. The funds are acknowledged upon receipt.

Parents and guardians send reports to the sponsors of the students’ performance in school at the end of each semester.