• PIMIL celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2015.
  • PIMIL graduates during this time totaled 53 students from the 12th grade and sponsored over 1,012 students in school.
  • PIMIL arrived at the 100 mark in supporting students in the 2015/2016 academic year. The number included support of fifteen Ebola orphans.
  • PIMIL contributed to the decrease of illiteracy of 12.5% from 60.8% in 2013 and counting!
  • PIMIL has sponsored four nurses. During the Ebola crisis, a nurse worked in an Ebola Treatment Unit. A nurse has worked in WHO health projects.
  • A PIMIL beneficiary worked with the United Nations organization, UNICEF Communication for Development “to fight the disease in the rural areas.”
  • PIMIL launched a rice campaign and supplied the commodity to alleviate hunger and prevent death to victims of the Ebola virus
  • PIMIL engaged the students to write stories of their experiences of Ebola as a way of therapy and healing for them
  • PIMIL encouraged the students to write prayers celebrating PIMIL’s 10th

PIMIL is building an enduring relationship between students and sponsors: students send their reports and gifts are exchanged in some instances.