Partners-in-ministry-in-Liberia (PIMIL) is an expansion of what was an outreach ministry of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Westerville for five years: 1998-2004. The ministry was known as “the Liberian ministry”. The “Liberian ministry was organized to support the missionary efforts of St. Matthew’s member, Rev. Abeoseh M. Flemister, known as “Abby”. “Abby”, a native of Liberia, was serving the Episcopal Church of Liberia and her people. The country was still experiencing difficulties resulting from the Civil War that lasted for fourteen years: 1989-2003. Rev. Flemister retired in 2004 and returned to Columbus, Ohio. St. Matthew’s seized the opportunity to invite congregations to share in this ministry. The opportunity would allow congregations to continue to reach out to the people and to demonstrate their concern for them in their need of economic assistance to send their children to school. The change of name to “PIMIL” was approved in 2004. The new name indicates the vision of the parish to be beyond St. Matthew’s. Today PIMIL is supported by forty-one congregations in the Diocese of Southern Ohio as well as individuals of those congregations. PIMIL is also supported in sixteen states. In 2015 PIMIL celebrated its 10th Anniversary of establishment. The tremendous success of that event allowed PIMIL to further expand its economic outreach: to provide scholarship assistance to children who are victims of the deadly Ebola virus that ravaged the country in 2014. Seventeen orphans are being supported. There are over 2000 Ebola orphans, many of whom are not in school. Consequently, inspired by the condition of the orphans, PIMIL has inaugurated its second vision in ministry beginning in 2015: The Decade of Expansion. The goal of PIMIL is to assist at least 100 orphans. The strategy that might lead to realizing this goal is a vigorous campaign for increase in individual and geographical support. We invite you to join our efforts in this yearly endeavor in order that we might provide hope and fulfillment for these children’s future. Tuition help starts at US $100 per semester for Primary school and increases by educational level. Click on the header, “Sponsor a Student” to find out how to Sponsor a Student. Thank you!

The Mission of PIMIL through Education:

  • Demonstrating Jesus’ Love
  • Restoring Hope
  • Transforming Lives
  • Participating in the Sustainable Development Goals (UN)
  • Realizing Goals
  • Building Liberia Contributing to the World Community